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This is likely to be the unfinished part of this site for some time to come as so much work will be involved in piecing it together. Obviously it will be an impossible task for me to incorporate every conceivable detail of all the projects depicte, but in the mean time I will make a start and try to include something on each of the topics shown below:

UDSS         Universal data storage system. A successful project that grew from an image storage medium to a proper little home computer with it�s own floppy disk based operating system called �JDOS�

BERTIE BEETLE      A light-hearted attempt to create a micro-based side-show game for a local village fete. The �beetle� could of course be substituted for any other  novel idea.   

MENTOR          Realistically, an advanced piece of  test gear meant to do �everything�. Uses all manner of goodies like serial & parallel I/O, an A-D, a D-A, etc. etc. Even allows simple program writing and storing, has an RTC, Hex conversion codes and much much more!

STOPWATCH 3          That sailing stopwatch I was talking about. Handicap starts, 100th second countdown, count-up, multiple finishing time storage etc. Based on the same simple architecture as the site Z80 clock project but with a RAM and an additional display.

TELULOG          A telephone call logging system concept. If it were approved, it could be used to log loop-disconnect pulse phones. Needs a DTMF decoder to cover all newer telecomms products. Lists and stores TOD, number dialled and call duration. Stores up to about 160 calls in it�s non-volatile RAM. Software clock does all the timing - no RTC chip needed here! Food for thought?

TELEVIDEO          How do you transmit a digitized low-res. composite video picture down a twisted-pair or phone line? Some difficult stuff here, but may give someone some ideas.

MICRO DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM          Recommended for both newcomers and stalwarts to microprocessor technology. Build it up as you go along if you like. Shows a real micro working as slow as you wish. Will allow copying of EPROMS, EEPROMS, permits the thorough following of program steps, as well as writing then running programs right there on the board!

MICRO BASED CABLE TESTER          I�ve thrown this in to show just how useful that newly found knowledge can be. Here�s a serious piece of prototype design for an industrial cable testing device which will check for shorts and opens in a production environment.

Video Information

FLOPPY DISK DIAGNOSTIC UNIT   The 68000 processor was meant for greater things in this project, but this is as far as it went. Undertakes FDD exercising, reads and writes absolute data, verifys, etc. etc. An exceedingly useful tool indeed!

VIDEO info

Peripheral Circuitry

Z280 CENTRAL HEATING CONTROLLER   Not a full package I�m afraid, but a page of notes and hints that someone may find of use.


Peripheral circuitry

Central Heating and Z280's



Z280 and  Central Heating  Controllers

Concluding Ideas

Concluding ideas